Acentrik, a strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, deployed on Polygon Network, with its journey towards the Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem — built its data marketplace features in accordance with the trust, compliance and sovereignty principles of Gaia-X.

5 min readMar 8, 2023

Value creation from enterprise data

By 2025 large organizations will use data-sharing platforms to facilitate collaboration within and between organizations. This evolving data economy will facilitate the pooling of data to create more valuable insights for all participants while building proprietary data products. (McKinsey’s study, 2021)

This growing need for a scalable and efficient data economy that is decentralized — results in the striving for a compliant framework for enterprises to follow suit.

Enterprise-grade data marketplace — Acentrik

Acentrik, a strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz — aims to provide that enterprise-grade tool to organizations.

With features being developed based on Gaia-X principles and the Gaia-X Trust Framework, Acentrik will follow the set of data exchange services specifications, including high-level architecture and key requirements for data value, trust and compliance.

A transparent Web3 ecosystem governed by Gaia-X community members

Gaia-X represents this next generation of a data infrastructure ecosystem. The architecture of Gaia-X is based on the principle of decentralization. It creates an open, transparent, and secure federated digital ecosystem where data and services respond to common rules and can be freely and securely built, collated, and shared.

Pontus-X, the Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem and GEN-X network, under the governance of Gaia-X member institutions, follows this decentralized and federated Gaia-X approach to data management.

The Pan-European GEN-X network is owned by no one and open to everyone. It is entirely run and governed by Gaia-X community members dedicated to the Gaia-X Trust Framework. Current network validators include members from various domains and Gaia-X Hubs across the EU, such as Arsys (Spain), deltaDAO (Germany), EuProGigant (Austria/Germany), Exoscale (Switzerland/Austria/Germany), Ionos (Germany) and Wobcom (Germany), with more to follow.

The network, powered by the Polygon blockchain, enables transparency, portability, data sovereignty and interoperability across data and services. The solution can be deployed on any cloud platform, on-premise, or edge infrastructure that adheres to the Gaia-X standards and Trust Framework.

Compute-to-Data enables technical data sovereignty for enterprises

With federation services built on the Ocean Protocol tech stack, one of the key benefits that Acentrik provides to participants in the marketplace is the privacy-preserving feature of Compute-to-Data. With confidential computing, this feature highlights data privacy and sovereignty in exchanges for enterprises.

Promoting adoption of the Gaia-X framework across domains

Acentrik and the Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem will contribute to the widespread adoption of the Gaia-X framework and the concept of technical data sovereignty, giving control back to the users, and featuring a wide variety of business cases across domains, such as manufacturing, industry 4.0, mobility, real estate, to foster innovation in the European Digital Single Market.

In 2021, Acentrik already contributed to the “Compute-to-Data & DLT” track in the GAIA-X Hackathon. Utilizing the first Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem demonstrator and test network, Acentrik displayed a data marketplace built on decentralized Web3 networks for enterprises to exchange and monetize their data.

Enabled by the federation services, a core concept of Gaia-X, powered by Polygon, deltaDAO and Ocean Protocol, all participants of the ecosystem can now utilize fully decentralized and resilient contracting, exchange logging, catalogue and payment services to enable data-driven business models within the Gaia-X framework.

As all participants of the Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem, Acentrik’s features will be based on the Gaia-X principles and the Trust Framework for portable identities and semantic interoperability and to enable a scalable and future-proof digital single market in the EEA.

Acentrik is currently deployed on Polygon, on which the GEN-X network and Gaia-X Web3 Ecosystem are built.

About Acentrik

Acentrik, a strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, is an enterprise solution for decentralized data exchanges. It is built for organizations with focus to create value out of data exchanges, with data privacy and sovereignty. Currently in Enterprise Release, Acentrik offers two products for enterprises — both a Global Data Marketplace to onboard cross-domain data products, and a Data Exchange Platform for organizations and governments to launch their own.

For enterprises with existing data products and would like to onboard to Acentrik Data Marketplace — register for an account here. For enterprises who would like to launch their own data exchange platform and onboard specific participants of their ecosystem — kickstart your journey here.

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