3 min readJul 18, 2022

Acentrik’s Enterprise Release — new features revealed.

After months of improving our platform during the Beta phase, we are thrilled to announce that we are heading into Enterprise Release!

We know the importance of the voices of our pilot customers — and implemented additional features that answers to the needs to those that we have spoken to.

Learn more about our new features in Acentrik Version 1.0 below:

KYB Process for Enterprises

Acentrik takes on a stringent Know Your Business (KYB) process in validating every user on the marketplace. As we want each user to perform transactions with confidence, this is ensured through a validation process involving an Enterprise Agreement. We want to protect our esteemed customers from bad actors on the marketplace — hence only upon validation, they can assume their marketplace roles with unrestricted views of the data assets.

Parameterized API

With Acentrik’s Version 1.0, enterprises can now publish datasets with parameters. By setting such API parameters, they can ensure more specific data to be fetched from the endpoint. This allows for greater flexibility in publishing a dataset with Acentrik, setting the boundaries according to their enterprises’ intentions. There is a maximum number of 5 parameters to be set per dataset.

Fine-Grained Permissions

1. Role-Based Access Controls: As a decentralized marketplace, enterprises have the autonomy authorize users to act on behalf of their companies. At a user role-level, enterprises can also grant different roles to multiple users belonging in the same enterprise to manage their assets well. There are three types of roles — User role, Publish role and Consume role. Roles are tagged to both user profile and wallet connected.

Depending on the preference of the enterprise administrator, a user can be granted multiple roles to satisfy their enterprises’ objectives — be it publishing and/or consuming on their behalf. For example, Wallet A of User X can have both roles to publish and consume, but a personal Wallet B may just have read-only access.

2. Allow / Deny at Asset Level: At an Asset-level, enterprises can manage access controls for each Asset published. Enterprises can create an allow / deny list per Asset, controlling access to their Assets through two types of credentials — email domain and wallet address. Now in Version 1.0, data owners have the flexibility to allow or deny access to their Asset through these credentials, such as competitors or those businesses with conflict of interests.

Acentrik Asset Management Token

An ERC721 Token — Acentrik Asset Management Token is used to represent the ownership of an Asset on the marketplace. This token is held in the Data Provider’s wallet upon publishing an Asset successfully. Aside from the existing ERC20 Datatoken on the marketplace — which represents the control and access to an Asset, Acentrik has launched Asset Management Tokens, answering to the topic of Intellectual Property (IP) on the marketplace for all data owners.

Revenue Account Management

Data monetization equates to generating new revenue streams for your enterprise. By default, the revenue made during the sale of an Asset goes to the respective Wallet used during publishing.

With that, Acentrik also understands the importance of holding various accounts in each company. Now there is greater flexibility in managing the accounts for your enterprise — with the option of alternative revenue accounts for specific Assets published on the marketplace. Now data providers can key in another Wallet address to be that alternative revenue account for that Asset.

Striving Forward — Beyond 1.0

Thank you once again for being part of our journey to our exciting Enterprise Release. We believe in constantly striving for a better product, with the state-of-the-art technology, coupled with a fervent belief on the new definition of data sharing and monetization.

With that, we invite you to our Acentrik Version 1.0 at

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a quick demo session with us, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at We also welcome any interested parties to be involved with Acentrik, through our user-testing journey. Reach out to us today.