Bigger, Better, Bolder — Acentrik Version 2.0

5 min readSep 4, 2023


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Acentrik Version 2.0, packed with exciting updates and new features. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these updates, highlighting the benefits they bring to users while addressing their specific challenges. From our captivating rebranding to enhanced enterprise-centric features, let’s explore how Acentrik V2.0 revolutionizes your data journey.

What’s new with Acentrik Version 2.0:

  1. Rebranding: Acentrik V2.0 introduces a whole new look, with new content to engage further with our enterprise users.
  2. New Networks on Acentrik: Sepolia Testnet and GEN-X Network.

· Sepolia Testnet: For a better Blockchain experience

· GEN-X Network: A community-driven Pan-European network for the Gaia-X Web3 ecosystem — Acentrik is now ready as an enterprise-grade data marketplace for this community by being deployed on GEN-X.

3. Enterprise-centric Features:

· Brand new communication mode between data providers and data consumers — to facilitate discussions of data products and use case implementations

· Flexibility to delist data asset from the marketplace — to accommodate new updates, changes, or to halt sales

· Enhanced fine-grained permissions to control data asset access by wallet address, email domains/address, and now, the newly-added criteria of countries

· Intuitive What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface — to populate data asset’s description without manual coding

A New Look and Feel: Rebranding for an Immersive User Journey

Acentrik V2.0 introduces a fresh new look and feel, designed to enhance your user experience.

We changed up our design of the website and Global Data Marketplace, as a reflection of our brand personality and story. As we strive to be that innovative go-to solution for organizations to unlock data in a transformative manner, we bore that brand personality encompassing ambition, innovation and reliability — in mind during our design thought-process.

With a captivating rebranding effort, Acentrik now offers an immersive interface that combines aesthetics with user-friendly interfaces for seamless navigation.

Let’s deepdive further into the new features of Acentrik V2.0, through the specific lens of enterprise real-world challenges that each feature aims to solve.

Challenge #1: I am looking to have a smoother Blockchain experience in doing a test scenario on the platform before taking on actual actions on a production Blockchain network.

Solution: Introducing Sepolia Testnet for Enhanced Testing on Acentrik

Sepolia Testnet is a new testnet with shorter wait times and faster transaction confirmations. With reduced wait times, enterprises can now test on publishing and consuming with accelerated testing cycles, before performing actual actions on the production Blockchain network.

Challenge #2: As a data consumer, I would like to contact the data provider directly to learn more information about the listed data asset.

Solution: Direct communication to data provider at data asset page

Acentrik recognizes the need for a collaboration between enterprises, through the personas of data consumers and providers. This feature enables data consumers to contact the data asset owner directly, to seek additional information about the listed data assets and collaborate for further use cases implementations.

Challenge #3: As a data provider, I would like to have a secured communication channel with potential consumers without compromising my own business email and information.

Solution: Provider-centric feature for Secure and Private Communication

Acentrik understands the importance of having the option of communication amongst participants on the platform, while ensuring confidentiality and security in the users’ details. With this new function, data consumers can reach out to data providers via a form — which does not divulge the business email address of the data providers. Only if the data providers would like to continue the conversation, they can do so at their discretion separately with the consumers’ email address provided in the form.

Challenge #4: As a data provider, I would like to remove my data asset from the marketplace to update it or halt its sales.

Solution: Delisting feature for data provider at asset management page

Acentrik understands data providers’ need to have the option to remove their data asset to accommodate new updates, changes, or to halt sales. To support this, data providers can now delist their assets from the marketplace.

Delisting is accessible through the Published tab, where data providers can access Edit Advanced Settings of their specific data asset and delist it under the Manage Asset tab.

Existing consumers of a delisted asset will retain access to downloaded datasets, and previously stored compute results will remain accessible even if the asset is removed.

Challenge #5: As a data provider, I would like to offer my data assets selectively to data consumers in specific countries.

Solution: Enhanced Fine-grained Permissions with additional Asset Access Control by Country

Fine-grained Permissions is one of the main features of Acentrik Global Data Marketplace — which data providers can control the data access at an asset-level. This enhancement includes allow and/or deny based on country, aside from the other three credentials of Web3 Authentication, email domains or wallet addresses.

This feature is conveniently accessible through the Advanced settings of the individual data asset, located in the Published tab. Data providers can configure their preferences after they have published their data asset.


Acentrik Version 2.0 brings a fresh new look and feel with our enhanced enterprise-centric features, which provides an immersive user journey for seamless data exchange.

That is not all, we are thrilled to bring to our global users even bigger upcoming features this year, to achieve real-world enterprise benefits such as reduced time-to-deploy and elimination of adoption friction of a state-of-the-art technology. Features stemming from these goals include federated compute, organization wallet and many more — requests validated from real-world interviews and surveys with enterprise users.

By constantly evolving and developing product features based on emerging technological trends and users’ feedback, we strive to remain at the forefront of data collaboration, transforming the data journey of enterprises.

Experience the V2.0 features now: