Data decentralization made possible by Acentrik

2 min readJun 8, 2022


Digital transformation is swiftly taking place in the world today. Transitioning to a self-sovereign framework for Web3 means that we need to embrace the notions of decentralization, allowing us to retain our control on our assets — both on an individual and enterprise level.

How decentralization wins

Centralized platforms have been dominant for so long that many people have forgotten there is a better way to manage one’s data. With this past approach, it is easily triumphed by the new decentralized way of managing and storing data that Web3 offers.

With advances in technology powered by Blockchain fundamentals, this promises tokenized-access to assets, preserving data sovereignty in individuals and enterprises. Transactions are facilitated by tokens and smart contracts, which gives no one absolute power to preside over any exchange. Data is not stored in centralized storage and the employment of this data is able to bring immense benefits to data consumers’ enterprises and even their industry.

Precisely through the promise of Blockchain Technology ensuring safe and transparent transactions, Acentrik Data Marketplace was developed.

A strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, Acentrik is a decentralized data marketplace built for enterprises, to provide the right tools and solutions to enterprises, in harnessing and monetizing their data. With key features like Compute-to-Data — which runs privacy-preserving compute jobs, enterprises can benefit from data transformation across industries, with data sovereignty.

Now live in Beta phase, enterprises can onboard with Acentrik and experience the features of the marketplace.

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