Datalatte Joins Acentrik Global Data Marketplace: New Era of Collaborative Data Ecosystem

3 min readAug 14, 2023


In today’s data-driven environment, enterprises are increasingly recognizing the paramount importance of extracting valuable insights from raw data.

Organizations can gain actionable intelligence from this critical phase, which also equips them to find untapped opportunities and make decisions that promote growth and success.

Alongside with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the concept of extracting insights from raw data has revolutionized. AI algorithms and computation works such as machine learning and predictive analytics have breathed new life to raw data transforming it into powerful asset, which enterprise can unlock deeper layers of meaning and derive insights from their data.

For many data-driven companies, data analytics is used to improve consumerism in a number of ways through marketing campaigns, optimizing product development, increase customer satisfaction, and the list goes on. This tool is made even more powerful not just through extraction of value in internal data, but from external sources, becoming a game-changer for many businesses.

Netflixlatté — Now on Acentrik Global Data Marketplace

Netflixlatté, a 210K length of dataset, drawn from the viewing habit of an extensive 500 community members has been cleaned and enriched with metadata, can cover a wide range of use cases across multiple industries.

Now available for consumption on Acentrik Global Data Marketplace, Datalatte hopes to encourage greater collaboration with data scientists to build models on top of their dataset, that best suits their business goals and needs.

Possible cross-domain use cases can implemented with production companies, market researchers on delving into consumer preferences of films and movies on Netflix. The outcome of such data analytics gives greater insights into media consumption habits and preferences, thereby assisting in content creation or refinement of recommendation systems.

Acentrik — a powerful tool for data exchanges

Collaboration with external parties need not compromise on data privacy and control when it comes to having the right tool — with Acentrik’s key feature of Compute-to-Data.

How it works — algorithm from data scientists across industries can run compute jobs on the dataset still held in the environment of Datalatte, gaining insights from the output files without the concern of infringing on data privacy. Likewise, for a dataset provider like Datalatte, Acentrik acts as a neutral orchestrator and connects directly to their data source, without having any access or storage of their raw data.

“Acentrik is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. It provides a platform for us to publish and trade our data assets in a transparent and secure manner. Its decentralized nature ensures data privacy and security, which aligns with our mission to foster a democratized data economy.” — Datalatte

Acentrik’s features have also grown significantly in keeping up with technological trends such as differential privacy and federated learning, which not only serves as a solution to data challenges, but as an anecdote to more enterprise requirements. As a technology provider, Acentrik strives to revolutionize global data exchanges, enabling organizations to extract greater value out of their data, with data privacy and control.

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