Latest Release — Acentrik’s Version 1.1.0

3 min readDec 21, 2022


This year has been a momentous year for Acentrik — with significant milestones marking our journey, and stronger relations forged with corporations and Web3 leaders.

From our enterprise release in July this year, we never stopped developing and scaling the product. We hear from our esteemed customers, coupled with our dedication to being enterprise-centric, we are proud to announce that we have implemented additional features in Version 1.1.0.

Sales History Dashboard

This dashboard answers to the question of Who purchased my data? With this latest feature, all sales transactions of a data provider’s assets are trackable via a user-centric dashboard. At a glance, data providers can now see the total number of sales transactions of their respective data assets, with a tabulated view of every company’s purchase on their data products.

Asset Ownership Transfer

Data providers can now have the liberty to transfer the ownership and management rights of a particular asset to another wallet. Asset ownership transfer is possible via the wallet-to-wallet transfer of the Acentrik Asset Management Token.

Enhanced management of data asset access

Now enterprises can set access to their data asset directly during publishing. Before the asset is listed on the marketplace, a data provider can choose to allow all or restrict all users from purchasing their data asset. This is to prevent any user who does not fit into a provider’s criteria from consuming the asset immediately after being listed on the marketplace. Subsequently, the data provider can have the flexibility to customize the data access of that asset via an allow/deny list mechanism, accessible through Advanced Settings.

Better handling of transaction & support speeding up MetaMask transactions

In order to provide a better user experience on the Blockchain, and to avoid re-publishing the same tokens or metadata, there is a periodical check on the transaction statue. This ensures the user gets a more accurate response from the marketplace while smart contracts transactions are executed during publishing. Additionally, this allows us to properly support users speeding up transactions on their Metamask (Web3 Wallet Extension).


We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person that has been with Acentrik on this exhilarating journey. Looking ahead, we can’t wait for what’s in store in 2023 and will continue pushing for a better product — built for the purpose of adding greater value to enterprises.

Wishing everyone a blessed year ahead and Happy Holidays!

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