Revolutionizing data access in the Healthcare industry — made possible by Acentrik

3 min readNov 28, 2022


It is an understatement that Blockchain Technology’s adoption is growing and scaling at a pace like never before in the world today. The versatility of this new technology is far-reaching, with a phenomenon of even Web2 companies building and developing products in the Web3 world. Blockchain is now empowering large industries with security, ease of use and control, fundamentally changing the course of their business.

Since Acentrik’s enterprise release, the main focus is to onboard enterprises on this visionary journey — where given the right tools, companies can develop innovative pipelines and expand data strategies in the Web3 world.

As a strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, coupled with the B2B-centricity of the product, Acentrik knows and experiences the problems that enterprises face. With that, solving issues for enterprises to connect and leverage the value of decentralized data through an ecosystem is a motto that Acentrik has.

Introducing Syntegra

As one of the customers of Acentrik, Syntegra leverages state-of-the-art machine learning to generate synthetic healthcare data, with the goal of democratizing and accelerating innovation across healthcare. A core issue faced in healthcare is a lack of data accessibility due to privacy concerns, including complex and expensive contracts amongst participants. This poses as an opportunity for Acentrik to provide the right tools to Syntegra to solve that.

Synthetic Healthcare data assets — now available on the marketplace

Syntegra has since published EHR and claims datasets on Acentrik, from free sample datasets for consumers to use for trial, to large commercial datasets available for purchase. Being pre-processed, it provides the convenience and flexibility for consumers to use for any analytics, predictive modeling, AI/ML work. These synthetic datasets look and act just like real data, but are made up of synthetic — i.e. not real — patients. This means patient privacy is completely protected, far more powerfully than traditional de-identification methods, enabling the use of more granular, patient-level data for deeper analyses.

This is made possible through a machine learning-based approach — termed transformed-based language models. Cross-domain use cases such as tracking disease progression, building clinical decision support models, and analyzing financial toxicity can be implemented and further supported by the domain-agnostic nature of Acentrik.

How Acentrik helps in Syntegra’s journey

While synthetic data solves the privacy challenges in healthcare and simplifies data governance, it does not eliminate the need for data controls. Without the right protections, Syntegra could lose control over its data and thus its commercial position.

This is where Acentrik’s enterprise-grade features make all the difference, enabling Syntegra to share and commercialize datasets securely all around the world.

Coupled with the tokenization principles of Blockchain, data sovereignty is verified through tokens representing access and control on Acentrik, ensuring data stays in the control of the owner/enterprise, adhering to local markets regulations on data privacy.

Now in Enterprise Release, Acentrik is onboarding enterprises to the global data marketplace, expanding the data ecosystem and promoting data accessibility amongst companies.

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