Unlocking the power of business insights with Innovation Atelier SA

3 min readApr 18, 2023


Organizations today are increasingly emphasizing on the goal of being data-driven. Placing data and analytics at forefront of operations has also grown more pertinent to businesses, with companies seeking more techniques and tools such as predictive analytics, machine learning, AI to stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing business landscape.

However being a data-driven organization involves more than just the sheer use of data from within. It requires the successful mix of analytics and data, more importantly, data from various organizations and industries.

Data has to be firstly accessible, before organizations can leverage on the value of data to derive insights and business decisions. This is the exact objective of Acentrik as an enterprise tool to achieve that — providing the access to previously locked data, in a secure and compliant manner.

A strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, Acentrik is developed for the purpose of data sharing amongst enterprises across industries. This is why a company like Innovation Atelier SA approached Acentrik for that very purpose.

Introducing Innovation Atelier SA

A Marketing Insights & Analytics Company, Innovation Atelier SA uses propriety technologies to gain insights on consumer behavior for their clients. With a diverse clientele of Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, Innovation Atelier SA seeks to find more data sources across verticals that can enrich their insights generation process through usage of primary and secondary data. The team also wants to use a secure platform like Acentrik to monetize their data assets, reaching out to validated data consumers.

Amazon data assets — now available on the marketplace

Innovation Atelier SA has published a dataset with over 1 million product pages from Amazon, with comprehensive details such as product images, title, description and product metrics. This dataset is used to build a predictive model of the market share expected from product pages on Amazon, considering the entire set of inputs that go into that page. As this dataset does not include promotions nor dedicated marketing campaigns, the model was giving a baseline share of segment.

Through this model, multiple eCommerce insights can be achieved — i.e. performance of each product category and segment; pre-screening and optimizing assets of new product listings. Aside from AI and proven use cases, Innovation Atelier SA was also able to use such data to provide strong evidence-based recommendations to clients such as resource planning related to eCommerce product ratings and award submissions.

How Acentrik helps in Innovation Atelier SA’s journey

As a global data marketplace, Acentrik is the gateway for Innovation Atelier SA to reach out and monetize their datasets to more companies — such as start-ups to build and train their AI models with larger and quality datasets; or established organizations to combine such data with their existing datasets to build more complex models and derive data-driven decisions for their products.

As an orchestrator for global data exchanges, Acentrik enables companies like Innovation Atelier SA to perform data transactions and create revenue streams while ensuring their data assets are kept in their environment.

Furthermore, with the stringent KYB processes of Acentrik, data assets are transacted securely with trusted consumers all around the world. Through wallet-to-wallet transactions without intermediary nor transaction fees, Innovation Atelier SA is able to get the true cost of their data asset directly as revenue to their company. Audit trails are in place especially with the nature of smart contracts in Blockchain that can give data providers like them a peace of mind for every sale of the data asset.

“We have been impressed by Acentrik white glove enterprise service, as well as their ability to quickly roll-out product platform improvements based on our suggestions” — Laurent Rochat, Founder and CEO of Innovation Atelier SA.

If you are interested in Innovation Atelier SA’s dataset, or would like to collaborate for a particular use case, reach out to us here: support-acentrik@mercedes-benz.com. Stay connected with Acentrik and our upcoming events via our LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/acentrik.